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The size of the segments has expanded dramatically throughout the house. Adults and young people eat their approach to robustness.
Segment mutilation is normal and generalized. Cheap cafes and restaurants are not the only places where larger segments are served. We also use larger parts at home. Most terrible, however, is that the majority of us lower their calorie consumption. Partial flexion may be one of the reasons for your growing waist or possibly weight-related medical problems.
If you notice the detrimental effects of segmental injury, you have 5 different ways to exercise partial control and keep your calorie intake under stress.
1. Familiarity with bit sizes
Do you know what you eat and what is an integral part? If you eat in restaurants that serve great dinners, divide up the food to consume the segment that is right for you, and remove the rest to eat later. Another thing is to share your dinners with someone who enjoys you if it is the same for the person who is sharing.


2. Eat slowly
Most of us hurry to supplement our diet. If you are never impatient, you have probably eaten too much.
Make it a habit to eat and eat slowly. This gives your mind and stomach time to realize that you are full.
3. Eat all low-calorie nutrients
Segment flexion can help you eat large quantities of low-calorie foods from the soil. These are rich in fiber and seduce you. By consuming low-calorie ground products before the main treatment, you reduce the amount of unhealthy food consumed. They also make good bites that are healthy and satisfying.
4. Small plate
Generally, people eat more if they are served more food. If you have a large plate, you will probably supplement it and eat more than you can eat.
Use small plates, eg. B. dessert plates. A small plate implies a small part and prevents you from eating as a precaution.

5. Food reference
Try not to be fooled by the calories per serving noted on the nutritional mark. There is no institutionalized part. Similarly, manufacturers abuse this safeguard clause by setting the serving size to convince you that there are fewer calories because all the calories (the higher) of the substance as a whole do not appear.
Here is a case of 3 cereal brands of a similar organization.
Weetabix: 127 kcal per serving = 37.5 g
It's crispy: 122 kcal per serving = 40 g
Oatibix flakes: 114 kcal per serving = 30 g
Do you see the different portion sizes?
The vast majority of them can easily consume more than one portion of grain at a time. Thus, the absolute calorie consumption can be at least 300kcal!
Read the mark carefully. Calculate the number of absolute calories for all foods. They show signs of improvement in actual calorie intake based on the amount of food you consume, as opposed to arbitrary portions set by the nutritionist.
Try not to be a victim of segmental distortions. Use these 5 tips to control the segments to eat calories and keep your weight in fat.
 5 Tips to Overcome Partial Distortion
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